website development

Specialising in promotion and advertising solutions for Brahman breeders


Brahman Graphics aims to provide custom developed webpages that are creative, clean, un-cluttered and logical websites. We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to build websites that ensure fast performance and compatibility across all internet browsers and platforms such as Mobile, Tablet and TV.

Brahman Graphics can create your websites using content management systems (CMS) which allows you to manage your own website content. This allows you to change the important information on specific pages yourself as often as you like.

Services include:

  • Domain registration
  • Website hosting
  • Website design & development
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Ongoing website maintenance and support
  • Email and Online Enquiry
  • Online Sale Catalogue
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social media integration (Facebook, You Tube)

We will develop a website that:

  • Is custom designed to suit your requiements
  • Reflects your logo, brand and image
  • Can be managed by you or sit back and let us take care for it
  • Is easy to navigate and quick to load
  • Is created to allow continual growth of your website
  • Use the latest web development techniques (HTML5) (CSS3)
  • Is correctly constructed ensuring fast performance and compatibility
  • Will work across all media including mobile and tablet

How we do it in 7 easy steps

1. Meeting

Discuss - We like to understand your new project from the inside out. Discuss your needs and wants to generate a solution. We collect requirements and information from you and develop a concept. You provide the requirements and design elements ie: photo's, introduction text and look and feel.

2. Design Concept

Visualise - The concept phase, we create conceptual layouts that are based on clients ideas and provide you with a proof. Have a kit kat, you'll be hearing from us soon...

3. Design Critique

Talk - The design phase, we refine the concept and further develop the design.

4. Design sign off

take off - With the look and feel locked in and signed off on, it's time to take flight.

5. Development

Construction - We go to work bringing your concept to life.

6. It lives

Overview - Final check over and tweak before it go's live...

7. It's time

Party - Tell all your friends about your new webpage and how easy it was to build!