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Brahmans top the Taste Testing at the Norman Hotel.

In 2015 the Norman Hotel, Brisbane created a concept to have a Taste Testing Competition between four breeds. The four breeds may be Tropical, British or European. In 2019 the four Tropical breeds chosen were Brahman, Droughtmaster, Santa Gertrudis and Charbray. The patrons of the Hotel purchase a Taste Testing plate with 100g of each breed on the plate along with sides. They are also given a Taste Testing form to fill in stating tenderness, flavour and overall like. The top breed during the judging for that month is then the feature for the next month. For this year Brahman came out on top and this is the breeds second win, coming up champions also in 2015.

Speaking with Executive Chef Frank Correnti he said the concept came about through wanting to further promote the protein of Beef with a touch of healthy competition between the breeds. Generally, the competition has been held during the month of October to help celebrate the Norman Hotel's Birthday however on further thought it was decided that a ready-made market in "the bushy's" coming to town for the EKKA was being missed and a decision was made to have a launch event the Tuesday before judging with the breeders of the cattle in attendance.

What a great success it was with about 20 of our Brahman Breeders attending with the majority being exhibitors for our Feature Show to be held at the EKKA only a few days' later. The Norman Hotel showed tremendous hospitality hosting us and the other breed representatives to an evening of taste testing the different breeds product through delicious morsels like Brahman hump pie and Santa Gertrudis sausages following a stunning Beef broth all washed down with beer and wine if required.

Since the launch early August patrons of the Hotel busily voted for Brahman Beef as their top choice and for the month of September consumed good quantities from the meat cabinet displaying many cuts of beef available for their purchase.

It was a lovely surprise to hear that the Hotel was going to hold a presentation lunch for us at the end of September and of course we would be consuming Brahman Sirloin Steak for our main course. The meal was fabulous with the steaks being tender, moist and deliciously full of flavour. Wendy Cole, Reade Radel and his wife Jill joined me for this special lunch with Executive Chef Frank, Tanya their Marketing Manager along with three representatives from JBS, the suppliers of meat for the restaurant. We also had representatives from QCL, Rural Doctors and Drought Angels join us in The Long Room to create thought provoking conversations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chef Frank, Tanya and manager Andrew of the Norman Hotel for putting this concept together to give producers this chance to showcase their breed on a plate and have their meat handled so professionally by the Chef's in this restaurant. I know our breeders will be up for the contest in 2020 to fight for the right to maintain this trophy.