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Scale of Fees: DNA Testing

all fees listed include gst and take effect as of the 15-07-2019



Brahman Comprehensive Bundle (GGP TropBeef)

Genomic package for imported AI sires and ET dams


Brahman Standard Bundle (GGP TropBeef)

Genomic package includes GGP TropBeef Profile Parentage, Horn/Poll and Pompes E7





Commercial Non BREEDPLAN Members


Commercial Members (Breedplan Members)


Brahman Bundle

Includes E7/CMS, Brahman Dwarfism, Horn/Poll and Tenderness Does NOT include GGP TropBeef profile Exclusive to ABBA Members


Microsatellite Parentage


SeekSire Parentage


SeekSire Parentage (Commercial Members)


Myostatin (MSTN)




BVDV/PI (Pesti Virus)


Result Processing Fee – Samples sent direct to lab


DNA Result Animal List


Hair Sample Fee (As of 01-01-2020)




Hair cards


Allflex® Tissue Sample Unit


Semen Extract


Storage Only (hair/semen/tissue)


Sample Pull From Storage


DNA Profile Certificate


Parentage Verification (PV) Retest


External Profiles


Allflex TSU Applicators


Pompes E7


Pesti <10 samples


Pesti 10+ samples


Pompes Semen Testing


Pompes Hair Testing


Pompes Urgent Testing Fee


Pompes Hair Testing (51-199 samples)


Pompes Hair Testing (200 + samples)


GGP TropBeef: A GGP product designed specifically for Australian Indicus. The TropBeef chip was designed in partnership with influential Australian breeders and researchers, and genomic data was generated and used from more than 1000 Australian animals in the initial design population. With over 97% imputation accuracy, the TropBeef chip will continue to contribute to the accuracy of BREEDPLAN values.

Brahman Comprehensive Bundle: Designed specifically for AI and imported sires, and donor dams, includes all Brahman recessive conditions (E7, CMS, BDW), SNP based Horn/Poll, parentage and GGP Trop Beef profile markers for Single Step evaluation.

Brahman Standard Bundle: Includes Pompes E7 and SNP based Horn/Poll, parentage and GGP Trop Beef profile for Single Step evaluation.

Seeksire Parentage: Approximately 500 SNP markers for parentage only, replaces SEQ1 and SEQ2. Compatible with GGP Trop Beef and historical GGPLD/SEQ2 data for parentage.

Individual Genetic Condition: Any of the following conditions: Pompes E7 or CMS

Myostatin: Analyses for nine different variants of the myostatin gene, even though some may not be found in all breeds.

Horn/Poll: SNP based horn/poll result (no percentages), upgraded version of CRC poll test Please note that this is based upon new SNP markers identified, and while comparisons with the previous poll test are ongoing, early results and validation support the SNP test as superior in accuracy

Brahman Bundle: A standalone test that includes all Brahman recessive conditions (E7, E13, CMS, BDW), SNP based Horn/Poll and Tenderness. Does NOT include GGP TropBeef profile.

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